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These two albums are full of movement and counting games and songs.

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The Counting House

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Series 4 of The Crown Netflix

I hope this strange headline catches your eye! My dear friend Robert Long (whose scores I sell on this site)...
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Mariana and Karen’s final chat

As always I ask each contributor where they see themselves in 10 years time. As ever Mariana has a joyful...
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More from Karen and Mariana

Here we talk more about film and cultural histories in this second part of our interview: Mariana:Moving image on film...
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Mariana Palacios chats to The Art of Class

I had the joy of interviewing Mariana this week and below you can read our ideas over the next few...
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Final part of interview with Robert Long

I like to ask musicians their vision and I see people in their ascendency , horizon and comfortable place with...
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more wise words

Continuing my conversation with Robert Long, guest on my blog this week. Karen: I heard an interview with Dion DiMucci...
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Robert Long Interview

This week I've been speaking to Robert Long whose printed music is available on the website. His knowledge of the...
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This week’s final interview

It has been wonderful sharing insights with Kim SoHyun this week. Here is our final chat: Karen: Where do you...
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continuing my interview with SoHyun, Toronto

Karen: Bringing your musical skills to the dance studio is a unique experience. How do you personally link the dance...
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International Guild of Musicians in Dance -IGMD

This is a group of highly skilled musicians and researchers based mainly in US. Recently Andy Hasenpflug, music director of...
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