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These two albums are full of movement and counting games and songs.

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Final part 4 of interview ‘Experimental Music for Barre’ by Dominic Faricier

Well, the week has flown by and ,as ever, I ask my guests their hoped-for future Karen:Where do you see...
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Experimental Music for Class: part 3

In this part of the interview we talk about dance culture: Karen:Would you say there are different approaches to Ballet...
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Interview with Dominic Faricier Part 2 : Experimental Music for Barre

Day 3 of our interview, we talk about Dominic's approach to music. Karen : I notice that you have a...
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Experimental Music for Barre: Interview Part 1

This week as promised, I am publishing my interview with composer and pianist Dominic Faricier. Each day we unpack another...
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Introducing Dominic Faricier

It is with greatest delight I am introducing you to a new member of the team! Dominic is one of...
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Support for Musicians who work in Dance

Only 3 years ago a Facebook page was set up for Musicians who work in Dance. We did not know...
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Barishnykov and Music

It's a joy to look at Baryshnykof ! I'm reposting this YouTube article I made in the summer.  
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More ideas on playing for Class

Here Mariana talks about the adaptation of a melody. Mariana also composes music for ballet class, if you don't improvise...
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Some great ideas

Well, I thought it might be time to review another of the films up there on YouTube. It's a short...
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YouTube hits the world of ballet pianists!

Hi. Here we are on day two of the YouTube adventure. Mariana has posted an interesting 9 minutes exploring the...
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