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The best book on playing for class I’ve read

These volumes are full of wonderful insights from Karen MacIver’s own vast experience and formidable musicianship. It is far and away the best book on playing for class I’ve read, and it vibrates with her passion for the art.
- Doug Corbin, Florida State University


I downloaded all three eBooks and I was not disappointed. Great insight from an extremely knowledgeable musician. The books are well presented and the ordering and downloading process was very straightforward. Thank you Karen for this invaluable tool!
- Jules


Insightful and informative guide that is expertly and succinctly put together.
- Jeannette Wong, Birmingham Royal Ballet

Truly touched...

...loved the Vitruvian Man idea,the Seven Capacities and the 'What If' Section! I was touched and realise that I sometimes forget how great our task and role truly is....
- Jan Bijker, artEZ, Arnhem, Netherlands


An intriguing 'one of a kind' ebook
- Peter Davies

Thank you

I very much enjoyed reading your book on improvisation. Thank you for putting pen to paper.
- nick pynes


...if I can conquer my language’s fears!
- Huini Chang


- Penny

two way thinking!

As described in Karen's book dance and music are two different art forms and each has a different language. Dance is a form of visual expression using body movements and music is one of audio expression using musical structures. How do we make a good connection between these two art forms and make them into a perfect piece of art and how do we transfer the meaning of body shapes and movements into musical shapes and structure? Karen demonstrates these two ways of thinking in her book and points out the necessary rules we should be aware of in ballet class giving the possible tools which she has discovered and nurtured during her rich career in playing for dance. Additionally she demonstrates deep thoughts with audio and video examples which makes these books even more beneficial and giving an inner view into dance accompanist's profession.
- Lucie Kubatova, Ballet NdB, Czech Republic

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