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The ‘two K’s’ speak about their music!

Kasper Cornish Portrait 2015 Karen : You have a unique viewpoint in that you approach music making from a physical point of view. Are there any tips you can share with musicians in what they may miss in the ‘physicality’ of their music?


Kasper :As a ballet teacher I have the luxury of being able to try out the tracks I write with the dancers I teach. It gives me an opportunity to check if the music is inspiring the desired physical and emotional reaction (speed, accent, mood, anticipation etc). Even as an ex-dancer, imagining moving while I’m composing at the piano doesn’t compare with moving in the studio environment. I have yet to find a better way of checking the effectiveness of a piece of music than actually swinging a leg, jumping or turning, whether it’s me or someone else! So my tip would be; where possible, try out recordings with teachers and dancers before finalising them. That’s my way of measuring the physicality, or groove, of a piece of music.

Karen: That is a simple and effective way of checking out your work! This will create an interesting and expansive dialogue with dance teachers.