The Art of Class is a welcoming e-book aimed at musicians working in the world of dance, and especially ballet.
A multi-media exploration of the joys and pitfalls of playing Class.

The Art of Class reveals the skills required for musicians to become expert in the field of dance accompaniment using helpful interactive improvisation techniques. It offers a chance to experiment, using simple improvisational exercises at the keyboard. It is a guide to setting your own challenges at your chosen level, whatever your experience.


1. The Overture – 2. Improvisation – 3. The Studio


How do we, as musicians, influence dance. The Overture looks at natural movement and explores why different styles of music influence the way we move. This e-book hosts a discussion, questioning our origins as human beings relating sound with our body.

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The Overture

The Overture Table of Contents

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The Art of Class, Improvisation explains why it is important to play without the need to look at music manuscript and that you do indeed have the musical instinct to do so. This is a friendly practical guide offering improvisational ideas which you can practice and return to, in order to develop and improve the skill of music improv for dance. Everything in this e-book is based on the assumption you will be taking these skills into the dance studio.

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Improvisation Table of Contents

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The Art of Class, The Studio shows how to best apply the improvisation skills learned in book two Improvisation, in order to get the best out of Class. An in depth look at the construction of Class from a musicians’ viewpoint. Barre, Centre and Pointework is explored and debated using Karen MacIver’s Seven Capacities. How do we deal with practical issues such as tempo change within dance combinations or achieving tension and lift in our music. Video and audio excerpts give advice and insights into how we can predict and deal with ‘on the spot’ musical conundrums in the dance studio.

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The Studio

The Studio Table of Contents

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The best book on playing for class I’ve read

These volumes are full of wonderful insights from Karen MacIver’s own vast experience and formidable musicianship. It is far and away the best book on playing for class I’ve read, and it vibrates with her passion for the art.
- Doug Corbin, Florida State University
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Karen MacIver

Over the past years, a growing band of musicians have come together as worldwide colleagues, all with a passionate interest in working with dancers.

The profession hosts a pool of uniquely talented players who instinctively understand how and why music can fundamentally influence movement.

Karen MacIver has been teaching the skill of playing for dance over the past ten years and has produced this series of books as a guide to help professors of music coming into this ever growing movement help younger or less inexperienced musicians find their own voice in this generous world of dance.

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