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Final part 4 of interview ‘Experimental Music for Barre’ by Dominic Faricier

Well, the week has flown by and ,as ever, I ask my guests their hoped-for future

Karen:Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Dominic:C’est une question très difficile! Il y a tellement de choses qui peuvent changer en 10 ans.Une pensée sur laquelle je m’appuie souvent est la suivante : cela a du sens de continuer dans une voie qu’on approfondit au quotidien depuis longtemps même si on traverse des moments difficiles.

This is a very difficult question! There are so many things that can change in 10 years, a thought I often lean on is this: it makes sense to continue on a path that we have been pursuing every day for a long time even though we are going through difficult times. 

Karen: It’s been a pleasure getting to know Dominic. Please get in touch via my contact page if you want to know more!