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International Guild of Musicians in Dance -IGMD

This is a group of highly skilled musicians and researchers based mainly in US. Recently Andy Hasenpflug, music director of American Dance Festival asked for 60 scores each lasting 60 seconds. Glad to hear my piece ‘The Asylum’ from my opera The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, was chosen as one such piece choreographed by Olivia Shirley.

SoHyun and Art Tatum

Continuing our chat about influences in our music….

So Hyun….I really like Art Tatum’s music, so I imitated a lot of accents and harmonies, so I think it comes out naturally from me.
Karen: I adore Art Tatum’s style, simplicity and Bach-like complexity all bound into one. It’s really interesting to note that he was blinded in one eye. It reminds me of a short period of time when I lost my hearing in one ear and suddenly could not improvise at all. The connection between hand and ear was broken. It was devastating but turned out it was only for a month or two until my inner eardrum healed.

Featuring SoHyunism!

I hope that title got you interested in our featured artist this week! Kim So Hyun. Originally from Korea and now based in Toronto Canada.Each day this week we will be posting a short excerpt from her interview in

Karen: I’ve noticed that many of your improvisations have jazz influences. Who are your musical heroes?

So Hyun : I always listen to as many genres of jazz as possible. So it’s hard to choose.But since I first started as a ballet pianist, the music I have heard the most is Nancy McDill’s (American ballet) . Nancy’s music is melodious, beautiful and emotional.And I really like Art Tatum’s music, so I imitated a lot of accents and harmonies, so I think it comes out naturally from me.While preparing for the second album, I studied and analyzed a lot about Poulenc. If someone asks who is your favorite musician now, I will answer Poulenc.If I work on my third album, it is expected that the influence of the Poulenc will be enormous.

Karen: When I played full-time at Scottish Ballet, I had a solo piano work to perform featuring Poulenc. It was one of the most difficult works I encountered! Also here is a link to the wonderful Sir Kenneth McMillan’s Poulenc Pas de Deux

Tomorrow let’s listen to a bit of Art Tatum!



Scores for Free Class

I am delighted to be hosting scores of some exceptional musicians who have contributed importantly to the world of music for dance. It’s not always easy to access tried and tested music that is appropriate for Free Class and not affiliated with Examination Syllabus. And so my first featured artist is Kim So Hyun. Her music is delicate, exquisite and sits in a jazz-influenced genre which resonates with my love of all things Gershwin!. Her Volume One score for class is available here

Kim So Hyun Ballet Class Music Vol.1


I noticed over the past years that Dancers who retire (still in their 30’s or so)  commonly used the Dancer’s Benevolent Fund to retrain in Massage and other related re-training associated with anatomy. However these days funds such as DanceFund help many artists move into photography and film. And here is the exceptional one…my great friend and ex-dancer from Scottish Ballet Glauco di Lieto who is now my WEBDESIGNER! What you see here is all his work. Oh. And a totally wonderful person! I know he hates publicity so here is his hidden face! Thanks,Glauco.


…to the new look

We hope you love this beautiful design and you will notice all sorts of new features. One of the most important is a page dedicated to composers who have dedicated their work to manuscript and have created piano scores for free class. I shall be featuring each musician over the next few days and weeks. First up, look out for Robert Long and his work. Coming your way very soon.

Robert Long

Percussion and Piano

I dont know if any piano player out there has had the sheer joy of playing Class with a percussionist? It is an unsurpassed joy. Ok. So there is the trick of actually knowing the drum rhythms so that we play correctly within the grooves. But I actually had an ‘out of body’ experience once as I watched the room from above as we jammed.So the point is. Get to play with some great musicians. Who do I recommend? Signy Jakobsdottir. Based here in Glasgow. What a knowledge! What an expert in her field! Look her up and make sure you work with her one day….Her wise words feature in my next YouTube Channel presentation for The Art of Class.


I find myself working with the most talented and erudite musicians here in Glasgow. Not pushy,celebratory or noisy! They quietly do their own thing. Very well. And so I will be setting up a live gig next year named The Silent Musician. Where the world can hear these exceptional people who quietly go about their business, making a huge difference. And so thank you, Brian Prentice, Signy Jakobsdottir, Michael Barnett, Andrew Brown and all the other insightful contributors to the world of Music for Moving Image. (It’s even difficult to find photos of these talented people!)