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continuing my interview with SoHyun, Toronto

Karen: Bringing your musical skills to the dance studio is a unique experience. How do you personally link the dance structures with your music?

So Hyun:Actually, I started ballet first as a hobby before I became a ballet pianist.I personally experienced which music moves my body by dancing myself.
Many ballet-class music keeps the beat right and uses accents to all down beats. I think this is important to strengthen the basics, but it didn’t move my body.
For me the most important element of all is melody. 
The emotionally expressive melody always makes the body move. Sitting in front of the piano in the dance studio, I apply this exactly to the dancers.
Karen: This is so interesting! I started my youtube Channel ‘The Art of Class’ devoting 7 short lectures of  six minutes to the use of downbeat/backbeat and melody. These pertain to LIFT and LINE