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more wise words

Continuing my conversation with Robert Long, guest on my blog this week.

Karen: I heard an interview with Dion DiMucci last week who said that musical talent is like finding gold in a river. Very rare. Are there young players coming through that you rate?

Robert: I am confident that there are many wonderful young players with plenty of talent. However, the word “talent” can be a bit deceptive, especially with something as multi faceted as music and music performance. A good music improviser may not have the sight reading skills needed for printed music. The excellent sight reader may be a bit uncomfortable trying to pull something out of thin air if the printed music won’t suffice. The pianist with a blistering tempo may not be amenable to tempos that need to be pulled back for the dance students. Is the excellent performer a good accompanist as well?

KAREN: Yes,it is always difficult for musicians who don’t work in this realm to quite grasp these matters. Often a great technical player just doesn’t ‘see’ inside movement. Or perhaps it’s a form of Synesthesia?