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The end of term and an era at the Royal Conservatoire

This week sees the end of the academic year for the postgraduate students who have been studying on the Piano for Dance Course which links Scottish Ballet Company http://scottish ballet facebook with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Despite terrible disruption to their work, they have created the most inspiring improvisations for dance together which I hope to share soon… with their permission.

Today was the day…..

It has been a strange experience in lockdown, watching our diaries as dates come and go. Since March I have been dismayed at some wonderful gigs that did not come to pass but todays was intended to fly from UK to NYC and visit the wonderful Mark Morris company where Sarah Lucas and Robert  Boston host the Dance Accompaniment Training Programme From there onto Houston Ballet over the summer to work with the most astonishing teaching and musician staff. Well, next year let’s hope…..

This photo I took during last year’s joyous Houston Hospitality!

YouTube Channel launch

I guess we are all learning new digital skills these days and the latest is creating a YouTube Channel. Let me tell you, everything is possible! Alles ist Möglich! So, The Art of Class youTube channel will be with us within the week. This character will become a feature


What’s it all about?

I love the musicians for dance community. It is so inspiring that we find a commonality through our love of Moving Image and music. There is so much to discuss, explain, delight and I hope I can contribute through my upcoming YouTube channel  explaining just how you can become a great musician for dance. Meantime, why don’t you subscribe to my good friend Chris Hobson’s podcast from English National Ballet School